Server Memory » DDR3

DDR3-1333, 4096 MB, ECC Registered, 240pin


Server Memory » DDR3

DDR3-1333, 8192 MB, ECC Registered, 240pin


Server Memory » DDR3

DDR3-1333, 16384 MB, ECC Registered, 240pin

Server Memory for 24/7 server applications

The here offered RAM are specially approved for server applications. Therefore you can find here beside SIMM memory modules (unregistered RAM and registered RAM), which working asynchronous, naturally DIMM memory modules (unbuffered RAM und buffered / fully buffered RAM), which working synchronous. Server RAM relieves the memory interface in the chipset and the CPU and is therefore ideal for memory-heavy servers with a large number of memory modules.

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ATP Electronics
ATP Electronics

ATP DDR3 Micron WT Module 4GB Unbuffered ECC SO-DIMM 512x8

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